Among our products will find a wide range of both basketry items like spoons

                                 interior and exterior decoration,we have a great diversity and this is due

                                 to the wide variety of materials we use for the preparation of our products 

                                 shuch as wicker,enea,broom,esparto grass,etc. equally en for decoration

                                 with led lights manufacturers when can make different combinations that

                                 add a touch customized for every decor.


                                 All articles are our own manufacture and use of high quality materials.


                                 You can see the different sections of our workmanshiop in the following links:


                                                                 Wicker baskets

                                                  Baskets,enea,broom,olive and lavender

                                                                 Esparto grass

                                                                 Decorating trees

                                                                 Christmas Decoration

                                                   Decoration and ornamental elements

                                               Saint Valentin and Carnival's Days Decoration