La Familia Artesana is a company with over 50 years of existence. Ours business are focused on the manufacture, design and sale items made ​​from natural fibers such as rattan, broom, cattail, lavender, olive, hemp, thyme and more.


For many years, the traditional technique of manufacture of our products has been taught and handed down from generation to generation. These products are made ​​by hand and learned after much practice time, where the foundation is the hands. The materials used in the manufacture of our products are grown and collected from the field.


Also manufacture ornamental household items and Christmas decorating and interior design.


Special mention in the new line of decorative figures made ​​from wrought iron and wicker and illuminated with LED lights for both exterior and interior facades, windows, shopping centers and more. Combining a personalized touch to each of our clients.


Due to the long time of activity of our company to expand market has grown gradually over the years so we make our products reach both domestically and internationally.


All of our products are made with high quality materials.